The Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS) is a not-for-profit registered body formed with the aim of promoting literature and creative writing in the region. CLS serves as a network of creative minds, nurturing talent and bringing together writers, publishers, intellectuals, students and scholars. It organizes local, regional, national and international level workshops, meetings, conferences, interactive events and competitions.

The CLS Logo

The Tree is a powerful symbol of knowledge, life and growth. Worshipped by many civilizations for millenia, it has come to symbolize the mystic power it draws from the Earth and the Sky. The CLS tree-trunk pencil draws upon this power and extends the symbolism to a synergy of creative minds, envigorated by Earthy nourishment and Universal energy, and blossoming into fruitful activity. The diverse branches and leaves, representative of Chandigarh’s Open Hand symbol motto – “open to give, open to receive”, epitomize the very mission of the Chandigarh Literary Society.